How Our Loved Ones Stay Connected After Death

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The Forever Penny

In THE FOREVER PENNY, widower and author Allen C. Liles shares his grief journey since his wife Jan died unexpectedly in February, 2017.

Rev. Liles details how he began finding pennies everywhere after Jan passed. Finally, he decided it was his wife’s way of reassuring him of her continuing presence. That feeling became strengthened when, during a meditation on the day following Jan’s death, the indwelling voice of the Holy Spirit also confirmed her supportive presence.

If you need comfort during your grief process, THE FOREVER PENNY can offer hope, understanding and peace.

THE FOREVER PENNY will be published in print and as a Kindle ebook on February 28, 2018. The regular price for this wonderful book is only $17.95 plus shipping. Place a prepublication order NOW and get your copy for just $12.00 with Free Shipping within the Continental USA. Just click the Order Now button below and place your order. The book will be shipped to you immediately upon publication.

Learn more about THE FOREVER PENNY and the author, Rev. Allen Liles by clicking on the About button above or HERE.

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